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About CCP

CCP Building Products Ltd is a privately-owned manufacturer and supplier of concrete products and aggregates in the North West of England and North Wales. Our reputation for supplying a high quality, competitively priced product is well known throughout the industry and has been forged through 10 years of independent trading built on the foundations of 50 years of service to the industry, indeed the company’s longest serving employee had a grandparent who worked for the company at its inception in the mid 1950’s.

CCP Building Products have manufacturing facilities for both block and paving products in both the North West of England and North Wales with coverage to the south of Birmingham and to the north of Lancaster.  Our portfolio of annual production includes 1.8 million precast aggregate blocks of one specification or another and over 600,000 Paving Flags not including any other bespoke product that is currently manufactured.

Our Consolite branded solid dense block has impressive structural properties and can be used internally or externally (in a rendered state) and has been in the market place for the last 60 years, stretching right back to the days of the company’s conception in that small Cheshire village of Wheelock. The Modulite branded medium dense block is well suited to load bearing interior walls as well as internal cavity blockwork and has served the industry for more than 50 years both in its standard and paint grade formats. CCP Dense & Lightweight Coursing Blocks are designed to be used in in conjunction with our Consolite and Modulite blocks. CCP Dense Coursing Blocks age harden and have an average compressive strength of 22 N/mm2 and will resist freeze / thaw cycles.  CCP Medium Dense Coursing Blocks should only be used for the construction of internal areas where they are protected from freezing conditions. Our new Laylite has an overall weight of approximately 10kg and a Lambda value of 0.25 W/mK and with a compressive strength of 4.2 N/mm2 it ticks all the boxes. Laylite is inert, low weight and recyclable and offers a greatly enhanced sustainable solution on which to build the future.

In 2016 the company amalgamated its Cheshire, Welsh and Lancastrian subsidiaries forming one of the largest independent aggregate block and wet press concrete manufacturers in the country.

Following this, in October 2017 CCP Building Products Ltd were pleased to announce the takeover of operations at Aberdo Quarry, Pentre Halkyn, Flintshire. This acquisition provides CCP with the opportunity to supply further constituent products used in concrete manufacture, asphalt and other forms of construction activity. Together with the existing manufacturing portfolio of CCP Building Products, we now can supply both Premium and Non-Premium Aggregates from Aberdo Quarry, along with a range of other products to suit any requirement.

CCP Building Products…………the story continues.


CCP do not recommend this range of concrete paving products for 'open areas' or decorative projects such as feature patios.