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Consolite Hollow Dense

Consolite Hollow Dense Blocks are produced using responsibly resourced sustainable high quality cement, sand and natural aggregates. This 215mm block has high levels of fire resistance and sound insulation.

Consolite Hollow Dense are durable and high strength with excellent sound reduction (52dB for the 215mm thick blocks) make Consolite Hollow Dense Blocks the perfect solution for many types of applications including:

Internal walls including fire break structures; High Strength Load bearing walls and Structural blocks used in reinforced retaining walls.  In reality Consolite Dense blocks will accept most paint applications but it should be noted that:

Blocks should be allowed to dry with all dirt, dust and efflorescence being removed before the application of any final finish. 

CCP recommend that due to natural variations in aggregates projects should source material from the same CCP site so as to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the continuity of the textural finish and hue.

CCP blocks are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011; Specification for Masonry Units: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units.

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CCP do not recommend this range of concrete paving products for 'open areas' or decorative projects such as feature patios.