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Extoling Lambda values of 0.25 W/mK for the 100mm and  0.1785 W/mK  for the 140mm Lay-Lite is available in three compressive strengths of 4.2 N/mm2, 7.3 N/mm2 and 10.4 N/mm2 (the latter two on request) and with overall weights of approximately 10kg and 14 kg for the 100mm and 140mm respectively.  Lay-Lite it is a viable alternative to the air-crete block product with the added advantage of offering a much broader compressive strength range.

Lay-Lite is the obvious solution for the designer who requires load bearing compressive strength combined with minimal thermal conductivity, the quantity surveyor who needs to tick all the boxes whilst meeting fiscal constraints of his project and the contractor who requires a lightweight handleable solution which will allow him to lay blocks quicker and complete projects earlier.

Environmentally Lay-Lite ticks all the boxes and with its core ingredient complying with BS EN – 13055-1. Lay-Lite is inert, light weight, non- combustible, rot-proof and structurally strong. The use of Argex product in the finished block ensures that the efficiency of raw material use is maximised to the full making Llay-Lite a greatly enhanced sustainable solution on which to build the future.

Lay-Lite has the added benefit of a finished surface texture that is suitable for the application of appropriate Paints normally denoted a ‘Paint Grade Finish’ but it should be noted that:

Blocks should be allowed to dry with all dirt, dust and efflorescence being removed before the application of any final finish. 

CCP recommend that due to natural variations in aggregates projects should source material from the same CCP site so as to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the continuity of the textural finish and hue.

CCP blocks are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011; Specification for Masonry Units: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units

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CCP do not recommend this range of concrete paving products for 'open areas' or decorative projects such as feature patios.